A Knee to the Groin or the Crotch Grab – Women’s Self Defense


Though men tend to be bigger than women and have increased upper body strength, men possess a unique weakness to be exploited by women when necessary for self preservation: his genitalia.

And while some may frown upon it as an emasculating form of self defense, a weaker man could use this classic maneuver on an otherwise stronger man as well.  The targets legs will need to be sufficiently open in order to get your knee into the groin area.

It can be nearly impossible to think straight and keep your cool in a potential assault/rape situation, so it’s good to practice this move and plan ahead some on how you would implement it should the need arise. It may be useful to provide a brief distraction by trying to attack his nose or eyes first (assuming you have a hand free), then bringing your knee up into his groin.

The trick:  His face and groin are too far away from each other for him to defend simultaneously. If he covers his face go for the groin.  If he protects his groin, go for his face.  If an attacker grabs, it will be that much more difficult for him to avoid your knee to his groin since his hands will be preoccupied.

Another little gem of a variation on the knee to the groin is the crotch grab.  Both your foot/knee and hand are more than effective in damaging a mans testicles.

When you employ the crotch grab, make sure to cup your hand.  This is a useful move since it can be performed from practically any position. If you find yourself in a bear-hug with your arms pinned within his this is precisely where you want your hands to be.  Here’s what you do:

  • Grab a handful of his junk
  • Squeeze his junk as hard as you can, digging your fingers and fingernails in
  • Twist and pull!

Grab, squeeze, twist and pull!

Your goal should be to grab one or both of his testicles. If you fail to get a hold of at least one, readjust your grip as needed.

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